NCEMA- استشارات قياسية للهيئة الوطنية لإدارة الأزمات والكوارث في حالات الطوارئ

NCEMA 7000:2021 – UAE
NCEMA 7000-2021, a Business Continuity Management Standard (BCM), which refers to an
organization’s capacity to sustain critical operations both during and after a crisis. NCEMA is a system
that acts as a safeguard for all the valuable organizational activities by implementing these standards
across all government agencies, particularly those responsible for vital national infrastructure,
effectively built an immune system that safeguards their reputation and the safety of their citizens.
In order to increase an organizations capacity to continue operating and completing its priority tasks
when its operations are affected or disrupted in emergencies or crises.
The strategic approach to business continuity Involves:
✓ Governance, structure, leadership, program and policy management in a BCM environment
✓ Applying the appropriate BCM principles and roadmap, mapping the route from BCM to
✓ Recognizing the obligations each person has within the BCM framework
✓ Debriefing, assessment, criticism, and reporting after an exercise (PDCA)
✓ Choosing the Maximum Tolerable Outage (MAO)
✓ Creating, carrying out, and overseeing BC plans
✓ Pandemic preparation.

What would you get?
✓ Recognize the BCM ideas, how and why it helps businesses and their workers.
✓ Point out the NCEMA BCM action model and important BCM ideas.
✓ Understand the BCM implementation roadmap, procedures, and strategies to be applied
✓ Advanced knowledge of the AE/SCNS/NCEMA 7000:2021 BCM Standard and other pertinent BCM
rules and regulations
✓ Learn how BCM satisfies the demands of the organization’s interested parties, including the
directors, senior management, law enforcement, and the general public.
✓ Recognize the next actions and duties of the leadership group to implement a successful and
effective BCM Program.
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